Intellectual Property Policy

Oodenaw: Urban Indigenous Consulting Cooperative

Intellectual Property Policy

Types of Intellectual Property 

At Oodenaw, we engage in various forms of intellectual property creation, including written content, research reports, designs, curriculum, branding, and more.

Ownership of Intellectual Property 

Intellectual property created by (a) consultant(s) during their engagement with Oodenaw shall be owned jointly by the cooperative and the consultant(s). We believe in recognizing the valuable contributions of our consultants while ensuring that our cooperative can use the creations to benefit our communities.

Protection of Intellectual Property 

We value the protection of our intellectual property rights. As appropriate, we will take steps to copyright, trademark, or protect our work and branding. By safeguarding our intellectual property, we preserve the integrity and value of our cooperative's contributions.

Respecting the Intellectual Property of Others 

In our projects and collaborations, we respect the intellectual property rights of others. We will only use works and materials owned by others with proper authorization, adherence to copyright laws, and any applicable licensing terms.

In addition, we will respect any community ethics with respect to intellectual property as we work with each community. 

Dispute Resolution 

In the event of disputes related to intellectual property ownership or usage, we will engage in open and respectful discussions to find equitable resolutions. Our cooperative values collaboration and understanding, and we aim to resolve disagreements through dialogue.

Legal Compliance 

We will comply with all relevant intellectual property laws and regulations, including those of communities we are working with. Our policy aligns with applicable legal frameworks to protect the rights of all parties involved.

Shared Contributions and Collective Growth 

We recognize that our work is built on the shared contributions of our members and employees. Through collective efforts, we strive to grow as a community and advance the interests of Indigenous knowledges and cultural resurgence.