Contract Vetting and Ethical Evaluation Policy

Oodenaw: Urban Indigenous Consulting Cooperative

Contract Vetting and Ethical Evaluation Policy

The Contract Vetting and Ethical Evaluation Policy of Oodenaw: Urban Indigenous Consulting Cooperative serves to guide the process of evaluating potential contracts, ensuring alignment with our cooperative's values, ethical principles, and commitments to Indigenous communities' rights and well-being. We aim to prioritize projects that positively impact our communities and promote Indigenous nationhood.

Criteria for Contract Evaluation:

Alignment with Cooperative Values: Contracts should be assessed based on their adherence to the cooperative's mission, vision, and values, centered on Indigenous community values, intergenerational knowledge, and cultural resurgence.

Impact on Indigenous Communities: Contracts will be evaluated based on their potential social, cultural, and economic impacts on Indigenous communities, prioritizing projects that uplift and support well-being.

Ethical Considerations: Contracts should be subject to ethical evaluation, ensuring they do not undermine the rights, sovereignty, and self-determination of Indigenous communities.

Financial Viability: While financial sustainability is important, it should not supersede ethical considerations. Contracts will be assessed with the understanding that our cooperative operates outside a capitalist growth cycle.

Avoiding Conflicting Projects: We will avoid working on projects that conflict with Indigenous interests, including those involving resource extraction corporations and entities in conflict with Indigenous communities.

Community Consultation:

Before accepting a contract, Oodenaw will engage in meaningful consultation with affected Indigenous communities, seeking their perspectives, needs, and concerns regarding the potential project. We will also conduct research to understand if prior consultations have occurred and to ensure our work aligns with the communities' goals.

Contract Review and Approval:

The contract vetting process will be overseen by the Board of Oodenaw. Board members will collectively assess potential contracts against the established criteria and ethical principles. Contracts that align with Oodenaw’s values will be approved for further consideration.

Declining Contracts:

Contracts that do not meet the necessary criteria or align with the cooperative's values will be respectfully declined. The board will communicate the decision to the client, explaining that the project is not suitable for Oodenaw at the present time.

Transparency and Member Involvement:

The contract vetting process will be transparent and open to all members. After the board has determined a contract's potential viability, relevant information and research will be shared with members for their review and feedback opportunities.

Social and Environmental Impact Assessment:

Oodenaw will evaluate the potential social and environmental impact of each contract before acceptance. This assessment will be conducted through research, discussions, and informal environmental scans.

Periodic Policy Review:

This Contract Vetting and Ethical Evaluation Policy will be reviewed periodically by the Board to ensure its effectiveness and relevance in upholding our cooperative's values and commitments.