Our Co-op

What is a cooperative?  

Cooperatives are people-centred enterprises. They are owned and controlled by their members and are meant to support their communities. 

Oodenaw: Urban Indigenous Consulting Cooperative is a worker cooperative. This means that the creativity, productivity, and commitment of our members/employees results in the success of Oodenaw employees, our communities, and our clients.

Our hearts are tied up in the success of our projects because we know that when people come together with kindness and good intent, there can be huge impacts on communities and on individuals. 

How do our beliefs align with the cooperative model and why are we working in this way? 

After years of working in different fields and for different organizations and individuals, our members sought a workplace built to take care of one another and our communities. After doing extensive searching, we found that the worker cooperative model makes the most sense for our members and communities as it allows us to work in good ways with each other, our communities, and the lands we occupy and/or come from. 

This model allows members to combine their skills, interests, and experiences to achieve mutual goals. Our mutual goals are to provide healthy, supportive, and Indigenous-led work opportunities to Indigenous people, and to contribute our gifts to healthy and thriving communities. 

Let's Consider Working Together

We're a good fit for you if you are looking to support Indigenous-led change. Get in touch with us so we can discuss our potential work together. Miigwech, hay čxʷ q̓ə