Board Covenant Agreement

Oodenaw: Urban Indigenous Consulting Cooperative

Board Covenant Agreement

As board members of Oodenaw: Urban Indigenous Consulting Cooperative, we collectively commit to upholding the values, vision, and mission of our cooperative and working towards the betterment of our members and communities. This Board Covenant Agreement outlines our roles, responsibilities, and expectations as board members, fostering transparency, accountability, and respect within our cooperative.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Scheduled Reports and Contract Decisions: The board is responsible for diligently reviewing scheduled reports and making decisions related to contract acceptance, ensuring alignment with cooperative values and community needs.

Effective Communication: The board will maintain open and transparent communication with the membership, relaying all relevant decisions, discussions, and updates to ensure collective understanding and collaboration.

Listening to Membership: Board members will actively listen to all voices within the cooperative, valuing diverse perspectives and considering the input of members in decision-making processes.

Updating Policies and Agreements: The board will regularly review and update cooperative policies and agreements to adapt to the changing needs of our members and communities.

Term and Qualifications:

Term Limits: There are no term limits for board members, fostering continuity and stability within the cooperative.

Eligibility: To be eligible for the board, a member must have completed at least one trial year of membership within Oodenaw.

Transparency on Indigenous Background:

Verification of Indigenous Background: Board members who claim to be Indigenous must provide evidence of their background, such as status cards, Metis citizenship cards, Inuit citizenship cards, community letters, and/or lineage information. The board must ensure certainty and integrity around Indigenous identity.

Participation and Engagement:

Meeting Attendance: Board members are expected to attend meetings consistently, understanding the importance of active participation in decision-making processes.

Addressing Conflicts of Interest:

Community Conflicts of Interest: In instances where a board member is connected to a community or organization for which Oodenaw is undertaking work, a conflict-of-interest conversation will be held before project approval. Recognizing the value of Indigenous-led work, Oodenaw will not impede members from engaging with their own communities.

Kickbacks and External Payments: Board members are prohibited from receiving kickbacks or external payments related to Oodenaw contracts, ensuring the integrity and impartiality of cooperative operations.

Dispute Resolution:

Talking Circles: In the event of disputes or issues within the board or between board members and cooperative members, talking circles will be employed to encourage open dialogue, understanding, and resolution.

Confidential Feedback: Members are encouraged to raise concerns or issues in confidence, providing a safe space for candid feedback. The cooperative will explore ways to anonymize feedback to protect the identities of members.

By agreeing to this Board Covenant Agreement, we, as board members of Oodenaw: Urban Indigenous Consulting Cooperative, commit to working collaboratively, transparently, and ethically to serve the best interests of our members, communities, and the values we hold dear.