Estrella Whetung's Logo design for Oodenaw. The design shows a crow surrounded by flowers and plants from our homelands.

Our Artwork and Design

Oodenaw's Artwork and Logo Design

The artwork and design for our website and logo was done by our consultant worker/owner, Estrella Whetung

The design process 

Estrella conducted several visioning sessions with the members of Oodenaw to learn more about the plant beings that hold meaning for each of us and some potential project collaborators. She asked us about what plants remind us of our homelands and why, and we shared with her. These visioning sessions resulted in the artwork that you see on our homepage banner.

Our logo design

Our logo depicts a crow. All of our team members, save for our one settler ally member, are "urban Indigenous people". As urban Indigenous people, our team and potential collaborators came together to explore what symbol or animal we identify with. We decided together on the crow as our collective representative. Crows exist in all of the spaces we do as urban Indigenous people on Turtle Island. They are urban and they thrive, they are rural and they thrive, and they work together to do so. They share our homelands with us. 

The plant and animal beings

The plant and animal beings depicted include cedar, chanterelle mushrooms, strawberries, salal berries, blueberries, wild roses, chicory, irises, bleeding hearts, milkweed, bees, and monarch butterflies. These are some of the plant and animal beings that hold meaning to our members and remind us of our homelands. 

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